Our Animals

We have a variety of different animals around the farm, each one lovingly cared for and regularly inspected for health and happiness. We are dedicated to breeding the rare breed animals, but have a few others that either started their lives here, or have become so embedded in our family that they have to stay with us. A full list of our animals include the original 3 horses that got us into farming in the first place (Marbles, Whimsy, and Fiona), our dogs (Moose and Charlee) who serve as security and our companions, cats who don't seem to serve any purpose, but live a pampered life in our house, many chickens, our original Boer and Boer/Kiko cross goats, our Arapawa goats, and our Gloustershire Old Spot pigs.

In my professional life, I build maps and analyze data for a living, so, of course, when it came to the farm, I had to properly sight everything for water and soil protection as well as animal safety, so here is the plan that I developed. Note that the smaller the animal is, the closer it is to us, and the more protection it has from multiple fences and larger animals surrounding it.

Our very own weather station, sitting atop our barn!